Our Story

Culture Market Co. creates vibrant culturally-inspired events and expos that celebrate ethnic customs and traditions. Our mission is to build connection through culture. Through our dynamic activations, we create opportunities for businesses and brands to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. Our events celebrate the cultural holiday traditions of Canada's diverse population. In October 2019, Culture Market Co. delivered Square One's first-ever Diwali Market, showcasing vendors and services that bring the Hindu holiday to life. The market created a one-of-kind destination where shoppers experienced the food, fashions, and traditions of Diwali, sharing the light of the season with the Hindu community and beyond. Pretty Paris

Our Founder

Anita Saini is a first generation Indo Canadian who is passionate about celebrating diversity through vibrant culturally-inspired events. She believes that businesses and brands can build meaningful connections with consumers through the celebration of culture. She has a strong business background and is a successful entrepreneur. After working corporate in senior level media sales roles, she decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit to launch Devya Indian Gourmet, the first certified organic South Asian food line. Anita has a degree in Information Technology Management with a minor in Marketing from Ryerson University and a post-graduate certificate in Event Management.